Pickleball Drop In & Learn to Play Workshops

Every week,  SHCC, offers Drop In Pickleball times.  The times vary from week to week. On Monday mornings, an email is sent out
to anyone on our Pickleball Email List to Register to play.  Play is for 2 hours with a maximum of 8 players.  
There is a $3 fee per person  to play.  Recreational Play.  See Link Below.

Learn to Play Workshops

Learn to Play Pickleball Workshops are offered at Sackville Heights Community Centre 3-4 times a month.  Workshops are 2 hours in length.  They offer a great opportunity for those new to the sport to learn the basics and to give it a try. Workshops are $15 to attend and are led by a certified Pickleball Instructor.

Questions about Pickleball at SHCC? Contact us here.

Pickleball at the Sackville Heights Community Centre